Monday, June 23, 2008

3-Ingredient Fun: Lemonade Scones

For many years, I had been making the scones the 'traditional way'. And it's only because they are one of my favourite desserts, because boy did I hate spending ages rubbing the butter into the freaking flour. That was the one thing that put me off making them more often. Just too time-consuming. When by chance, I came upon this simple recipe six months ago, I was one thankful baker.

I've made this recipe a zillion times. It's absolutely fool-proof. I know there are a lot of cook books out there now with shortcuts galore on how to whip up delicious meals with four or five ingredients, but this one only makes it to three and most likely blows all of the others out of the water.

Preheat oven to 205 degrees celsius, fan forced.

All you need is 325 grams of self raising flour, 2/3 cup of thickened cream and 2/3 cup of lemonade. That's it. Yes, if you're keen, you can sift away. Myself, I just chuck everything into a bowl. I usually use 560grams (3 cups) of SR flour to just make it 1 cup each of the cream and lemonade.

Mix until just combined, then tip onto a floured surface and roll out to roughly 3.5cm thickness. The dough is very easy to handle - don't overwork it or you'll get tough rock scones.

Then grab a round cutter and away you go! Makes it easier if you dip the cutter into some excess flour in between each cut so that the scone doesn't stick to it.

As you can see (or count), you'll get around 15 scones which will head to the oven for 12-15 minutes. Bake until pale golden or cooked through.

I love scones because of their buttery dense crumb, but also because strawberries and cream with it are a match made in heaven. You just never get sick of scones. It's wonderful how something so plain can be perfectly good on it's own, or dressed up gorgeously for extra tastebud thrills. Great chill-out comfort food, which probably stems from my memories of helping my Godmother bake these as a child.

These scones never fail to deliver, with lots of volume and fluffiness. They also keep really well, I've managed to eat them just fine even on the third day. I've also read somewhere that you can use plain soda water if you're making savoury scones, but when you're eating them bundled up with jam and cream, you can't really taste any remnant of lemonade at all. Considering lemonade is so sweet, I was initially concerned that I'd have super-sugary scones on my hands, but these are perfectly proportioned. Which is out of the norm for me, as I find with most recipes, a sugar reduction is a must. You really must try these out - you won't believe how quick and stress-free baking could possibly be.

Edit: I think the only time I'd be buggered doing the butter rub technique again would be for these fluffy buttermilk scones, but I'd certainly need to be craving them big-time.

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